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Qin mansion deep, a person deemed to be Qin's forbidden extremely quiet place, no one can hear the sounds of faint sigh.002 Chapter Qin   Tian Ling continent, a vast, resource-rich, has many treasures, described as vast land, Ling Jie people.  And on top of this continent, divided into many countries, dozens of large and small, can be described relive.  Some places, there will be war. On the day the spirit of the continent, the perennial battle, the war again and again, almost every few years there will be a kingdom perish, or the birth of a new kingdom.  But in central China, stands a vast empire, focused, no one dares to its aggression.  The empire's name is Sai Luoya, also known as the Central world

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empire!  Not only does it occupy the whole continent has almost a quarter of the land area, more strength is very strong, prosperous economy, is very prosperous. The most important is the spirit of the whole continent's top repair strong, most of them being in 赛罗亚.  It awe the whole continent, the continent called spiritual ruler day, has a no impregnable position.  In the more powerful and devotional prevailing trend, all dignitaries who are often most likely to repair the profound spirituality, few ordinary people.  Also, therefore, on the mainland, all small effort to practice for the early achievements of the Spirit Quebec to become truly spiritual, to have a certain status.  In general, within two years, who failed to sense the aura is seen as waste, there is no potential. To sixteen-year-old still can not reach a guru who can be described as hopeless life and become mortal. By the thirties Quebec can not be spiritual achievement, but also almost no hope.  Of course, among the family devotions, it will be more clear, usually before the age required to push a number. And once they are judged hopeless spiritual Quebec, will be marked with the name of "waste", "fool" and the like, and

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spurned by the tribe of the cold, and even other spiritual children of the family suffer exclusion and ridicule.  In addition to spiritual family, spirit days on the mainland, there are still many devotional sects, attract better talent with spiritual.  Spirit in the days of the southeast corner of the continent, there was a vassal state, named Rex.  It is in many vassal state, can only be considered general, border war often occur.  Qin, Rex will be located within the city 昆罗 as a spiritual family, the city has a higher status and power.  昆罗 city, close to the southern Rex in all cities in the country can be ranked in the forefront.  City, Santo is the most powerful forces in the family, then the family has three parallel devotions, Qin is one of them.  Spring to autumn, an instant two years passing by, Qin Feng twelve years old. In these two years, he never gave up absorbing elements into the body, has always insisted on trying, however, not a success.  Over the

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years, he suffered a tribe of ridicule and cold, faced ridicule and disdain outsiders, dreams of the night, and ancestors that disappointed look with a heavy sigh, often emerge. All this, like a root spikes, constantly stinging his heart, his body, so that it'd rather die.  And it is precisely because of these years of experience, so that it had young and frivolous, Qin Feng is already not claim to genius, gradually became silent, become somewhat eccentric personality. He will complete convergence past arrogance, deeply buried in the depths of my heart.  This day, Qin Feng practicing for a long time, and ended in failure. Glanced at the sky, fleet approaching evening, and today is a direct descendant of the Qin family dinner once a month time, immediately got out of the room.  "Yo, this is not what our young master Feng, known for centuries a rare genius, like the original but incredibly arrogant ah."  "Hey, genius Well, it is inevitable proud, but unfortunately, ah, did not last long, turned out to be a natural anti-element body, it really is a genius, ah, this system really is a rare century. Ha ha ha!"  On the road, he saw two slightly larger than the Qin Feng teenage brothers with the family started a while cynicism.  The two men of talent in general, has just reached the pinnacle of spiritual teacher soon, is the impact of spiritual Quebec.  In the Qin, the general spirit can reach twenty-four former Quebec, otherwise even the waste, the tribe would have been marginalized.  Qin Feng did not smell like a remote control, fighting back the hearts of anger and humiliation, straight through from their side.  "Hmmm, how, talent is not good, not even the eyes with mouth good  Us

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but your cousin, do not know how to greet his brother saw it " One of them is named Qin Dong, sneered, "Oh, , I almost forgot. did you, too, for we are always arrayed stink face, we never see the greeting. "  "Hmmm, East Columbia, this guy thought he was the original genius. Had his father was a direct descendant of my Qin, and his mother left him bitter seeking patriarch, probably would have been kicked out of my home Qin. This waste is a waste of my keep Qin resources. "  Heard these, Qin Feng could not help clenched fist, you want to refute, but can come to refute it   His father named Qin Xiaolong, Qin Xiao Qin contemporary patriarch's second son, Qin belong in direct descendant, a slight identity.  Qin Dong duo considered collateral, identity and status in much less than the direct descendant of the children.  Moreover, in the past, Qin Feng remarkable talent, who was filled with an unspeakable arrogance of peers is extremely disdain. Qin East had two more verbal taunt, which makes them deeply in mind, but it is now adding insult to injury, started revenge.  Qin Feng knew this was self-inflicted, only to endure for their curses fully automatic shield, pick up the pace to leave.  "Humph! Waste!" Qin Qin Feng leavin East looked with disdain spat.  Besides Qin Feng, and soon came to a magnificent hall being, here is the direct descendant of Qin place to enjoy meals together.  Hall has a lot of maids

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around footman, is getting ready, and in the middle that has a rosewood round table, the table has been sitting with five people, two of whom is Qin Feng's parents.  I saw that Qin Xiaolong surface, such as cutting, Jian Mei Star project, a long black hair, matched with a black, looked solemn, is extremely stable. Although over forty years did not leave much to the traces on his face at the moment is talking with another middle-aged man beside him, the arrival of Qin Feng's like you do not see the general.  That talk to, it is Qin Feng's uncle, Qin Xiaotian.  His face had seven points and Qin Xiaolong similar, equally stern, who exudes an unspeakable temperament.  And at his side, sat a young man, it was his eldest son, is the cousin of Qin Qin Feng Kui.  Qin Feng Qin Kui older than seven years old, has a dark bushy, sky, short hair, a yellow dress brilliant clothing, looked fresh and capable. He Shuangshoubaoxiong, some leaning over the lazy chair, eyes closed quietly at the break.  Seems to have realized it was coming in, opened his eyes, glanced casually to Qin Feng, but it is another instant shut. That moment may also, in his eyes seemed to have a strange SG flashing, and that is revealing a brow high spirits, imposing the state, described as among the dragon.  Qin Qin Kui in the younger generation, the age of the longest, but also one of the highest repair deep, in the spirit of Quebec reached a year ago. In this Kunluo city, also regarded as a younger generation of leaders, Xiao Qin very popular favorite.  Originally Qin Xiao Qin Feng all eyes are gathered in the body, since the ancestors can assert Qin Feng's special physical, they all moved to the Qin Kui body.  "Fenger, you come, come sit."  Then, while appearing gentle, loving words came, but it is Qin Feng's mother.  His mother called Mu Lin, also of wood  Buy Franklin & Marshall clothing from We stock a huge range of mensFranklin and Marshall clothes including t-shirts, hoodies and pants.  Franklin Marshall Sale Cheap Franklin Marshall Discount Designer Clothes Clothing Menswear @ Mainline Menswear Stockists Of Franklin Marshall Sale

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